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Our Vision

For women, by women, Phoenix Fitness trains to transform. Your goals are our focus and you will never fly solo. With support and expert guidance you will achieve what you never thought possible for your mind, body, and soul. We know your vision because we share your vision. In all of us is great potential waiting to be awakened. You are ready to RISE up to that potential and free the best version of yourself so you can live the life of strength, hope, and possibility you deserve. Phoenix Fitness stands ready to help you. 


About Phoenix

Phoenix Fitness is a women-owned and operated health program founded by certified fitness trainer, Missy Wilt. Upon joining Phoenix Fitness Missy's passion to empower women will not go unnoticed. She gets to know her clients, she sees her clients, and she believes in her clients.

My Background

A former professional women's basketball player, Missy is a team-player at heart and once you join her team, she will champion your vision as her own; guiding and supporting you to achieve your goals. Over the last 20 years Missy has trained thousands of women to RISE to their potential and she cannot wait to do the same for you. 

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